Weight Loss Program

We are now offering an exclusive 10 week weight loss transformation program designed by Jonny Hazell the Owner, Founder and Lead Trainer of FX Fitness. 


This program has helped clients loose substantial amounts of weight and its success is contributed to the combination of two factors; firstly the fantastic ten week weight loss meal prep plan. Secondly; Jonny's trialed and tested innovative metabolic fat burning training and unique coaching methodology designed to get real results. 

Meal Prep Service

The service is provided by our partnering company ‘Fit Family Foods’ who will design a customized meal prep plan for ten weeks based on your dietary requirements and weight loss target. It consists of four meals per day (one is a snack meal)  six days per week. 

The daily calorie intake will vary based on gender and the clients weight loss target. They offer a range of healthy, tasty and  fantastically prepared meals and it’s all delivered to your door or FX Fitness.

Diet is absolutely key in weight loss therefore Jonny and 'Fit Family Foods' will work with you to make sure your meal prep plan is spot on and matches the clients training program and weight loss goal.

For more information about our prices, schedule and available times and dates please contact us and we will arrange a free consultation with Jonny Hazell to provide more information about the program.

Personal Training

The client will be exercising six days per week with two sessions every day (except day 3 which will consist of just 1 afternoon cardio workout). The first daily session will be personal training with Jonny where the client will be training with intensity, pushing their limits and reaching new levels to burn off maximum levels of fat. The second session will be a lighter 45-60 minute ‘steady state’ cardio workout routine designed by Jonny. 

On the 4th and 10th week the client will undertake the ‘Big Buddha Hill Climb’ as a target and opportunity to demonstrate  the clients improved fitness level. One time per week clients will undertake a 60 minute one-on-one Muay Thai workout with a qualified Thai trainer to mix up the cardio routine. 

The personal training section of the program with Jonny will follow a ten week ‘Four Block Mesocycle’ exercise program whereby each block progresses in intensity and lasts two weeks (except block four which is four weeks). 

Each training block clients will train faster, longer, with less rest and recovery and increased weight resistance. Jonny incorporates the following training principles to create an innovative and highly effective weight loss workout routine: 

1) Metabolic Training

2) Rate of Perceived Exertion' (RPE)/ Intensity Zone Training

3) Superset Training

4) H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training)

5) Train to Failure 

Each training block clients become fitter, healthier, stronger, leaner and more confident and determined, continuously shedding unwanted body fat.







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