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Training Principles


In Jonnys training the RPE “Rate of Perceived Exertion” scale is used to self-regulate the intensity and effort exerted during the workout. It helps to measure the intensity of exercise during the workout. The RPE scale helps to improve the communication between client and Jonny and thus increases the efficacy of training. It ensures the client is training at the right intensity for maximum results.

The benefits of using the RPE in training are:

  • Avoids overexertion during training.

  • Helps to maintain structure and parameters

  • Sets a goal for the workout, targets to hit, and zones to stay within.

Jonny will explain in greater detail during the first consultation session as to how the RPE scale is applied in training. Below is the RPE scale Jonny uses with the subjective descriptions for each intensity zone.


Metabolic Training

Metabolic training (Meta training) is a workout training principle that is designed to maximize calorie burn during, but also after the workout.

The exercises used when Meta training are compound movements (using more than one muscle group at a time), and they are performed in a short and intensive period. Either performing the exercise within a timed interval or pyramid training scheme (see below for more details on pyramid training).

The most commonly asked question about Metabolic Training is “how can you still be burning calories after the workout??”. The scientific term for this is EPOC (post-exercise oxygen consumption) or ‘Afterburn’. The simplest way to explain this is:

“Afterburn is when your body keeps on burning calories for hours after your workout is done. You can think of afterburn like momentum. If you push a ball it will keep rolling for a while after you take your hand off of it. If you push it harder it will roll further. Think of your workouts like the push and your metabolism like the ball. With metabolic training, you push extra hard which keeps your metabolism (your body’s process for using calories) going longer and harder even after you’re done”.


At its very core, a superset is simple: alternating sets of two different exercises with no rest in between. However, one does not just throw any old exercise together, the supersets are intelligently designed with a specific goal in mind.


In Jonny's approach he supersets the cardiovascular metabolic exercise with a muscular focused static exercise performed in a pyramid training rep/set scheme (see the next section for more information about pyramid training).


 The benefit is that it compliments the meta-training exercise perfectly. By performing a muscle training exercise that isolates a muscle or muscle group after a metabolic cardio exercise, you push the body that extra 10-20% thus burning more calories, whilst also building lean muscle. 

Pyramid Training

Pyramid training is a collection of sets, of the same exercise, that start with a light weight and higher reps, building up to a heavier weight and fewer reps. The FX Weight loss Program incorporates both ‘partial’ and ‘full’ pyramid training schemes. Partial would be working up to a peak heavy set with few reps and maxing out (stopping at this set).  A Full pyramid training scheme is working up to the heaviest peak last set, then back down until the pyramid is complete.

For example; if the workout included a full pyramid loading scheme for the ‘Seated Cable Row’ as the superset exercise to the main meta-cardio exercise (for example; mountain climbers) it would look like this:

  • 1x15=20kg (20 seconds of mountain climbers)

  • 1x12=25kg (30 seconds of mountain climbers)

  • 1x10=30kg (40 seconds of mountain climbers)

  • 1x12=25kg (50 seconds of mountain climbers)

  • 1x15+=20kg (60 seconds of mountain climbers)

(The + symbol means to failure which is explained further in the next section).

Its very time efficient because the client is able to do maximal reps and weight in a very short period of time. This causes serious muscle fatigue due to the variety and intensity and therefore forces the muscles to adapt and grow.  

Train to Failure

Training to failure is commonly used in weightlifting, most noticeably for bodybuilding. It is simply the point at which fatigue is high enough to prevent a muscle from exerting the amount of force necessary to complete the current repetition with the given load.

In Jonnys Weight Loss training he utilizes this principle for the last set of any supersetted muscle training or metabolic cardio exercise when the body is at an RPE of 7-9 in the Max Zone. Failure is the point whereby both your energy systems and muscles can no longer perform a single repetition of given exercise.


It’s that extra 10% push where its ‘mind over matter’ or ‘fight or flight’ that we all have within us, it’s just if one chooses to activate it or not. Most people stop when their conscious mind tells them 'enough is enough' and its an instinctive survival reaction because the body is leaving the comfort zone.


However, the body can still continue for another 10-20%, there is 'more gas in the tank!'.  This additional 10-20% can be the difference between loosing 1 kilogram or 2 kilograms every week. With Jonny by your side he will coach you on how to train to failure and assist you in reaching that point. 

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