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Personal Training

Trainer: Johnny Hazell

Johnny is the Owner, Manager and lead Trainer for FX Fitness. Johnny is  Thai Powerlifting Federation Winner for the 2022 105kg category and has been weightlifting for over eighteen years.


Johnny has been a Trainer for eight years and specializes in educating clients in the principles of weightlifting.  Providing the specialized knowledge on how to weight lift with complete proficiency, efficiency and effectiveness.


Whether the end goal is weightlifting for: weight loss, muscle building, strength, conditioning, or rehab/recovery a tailored program can be created for you! Whether your a beginner or an elite weightlifter a program can created for you!


Johnny has had clients from all around the world and has had many success stories which can be seen on FX Fitness Google and Facebook reviews. 


Please be aware that before taking on client's Johnny does like to have a 'face-to-face' meeting to assess the clients current fitness level and agree upon a set of SMART training goals. 

To see more from Johnny you can check out his website or Instagram

If you are interested in recruiting Johnny to help you achieve your fitness goals contact us today via; email, Facebook, Instagram or Telephone.

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