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About us

FX Fitness was set up and established by Johnny Hazell in October 2018, the motivation for establishing FX Fitness was to create a gym that's: affordable, friendly, welcoming and has all the weightlifting equipment needed for an effective and fantastic workout!

FX Fitness is one of Rawai's leading local gyms offering a range of quality weightlifting equipment and cardiovascular machines. 

We are an air-conditioned gym and our facilities are kept clean, organized and hygienic. We offer affordable memberships and strive to create a friendly and welcoming gym environment.

We are a smaller boutique sized gym however; we are in the process of expanding our facilities and our staff ensure the gym functions efficiently whatever capacity.

FX Fitness rates as one of Phuket's leading gyms because we constantly strive to improve and invest in our gym.  Our staff aim to provide the best levels of customer service and maintain clean and organized facilities. 

FX Members enjoy training at FX Fitness Gym because we endeavor to create an environment where members feel safe, comfortable, confident and happy - thus enabling members to enjoy exercising.


Stay strong, stay safe, keep lifting and never give up! 

Thank you for choosing FX Fitness,

Johnny Hazell

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