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Metabolic Conditioning

This pathway uses the training principle of ‘metabolic conditioning’ which in its simplest definition is:

“Performing structural exercises (any exercise whereby the spine is loaded and the legs are engaged to some degree) and ‘compound multi-joint’ exercises at moderate to high intensity with minimal rest to maximize calorie burn, build lean muscle, and increase the metabolic rate during and post workout”.

John’s Metabolic conditioning sessions are anaerobic (click here for more info about anaerobic exercise)

The anaerobic energy system does not use oxygen to fuel the body, instead it draws upon energy stores in the muscles.


The anaerobic system provides the body with explosive short term energy (10-120 seconds) without the need for oxygen. This energy fuel is fantastic for body when performing Metabolic exercises.

 This might all sound a bit daunting but it’s not and with consist training it becomes second nature and a great challenge with high reward/payoffs.


1.  Boost Metabolism

Metabolic Training leads to a post-workout calorie burn and a significant elevation in your metabolism (rate you burn calories). This is due to the biological process known as EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).

Because of the lack of oxygen consumed during the Met-Con workout your body seeks to make up for it after exercise whilst in a state of rest. This leads to an elevation in your metabolism and thus a post workout calorie burn.

2.  Greater Workout Calorie Burn

Some of my clients have burned as much as 600+ calories in just one 45 minute session! It’s a highly effective workout!

3.  Stronger Muscles

Instead of producing energy from oxygen (as it does during aerobic workouts), your body uses energy stores in the muscles during the form of anaerobic exercise. That means it helps maintain and improve muscle mass.

4.   Build muscle faster

The third benefit of metabolic training is muscle growth. Metabolic training uses compound exercises with resistance at high intensity. This recruits and exhausts more muscle and naturally triggers the release of growth hormone which is key in increasing muscle mass.

During pretty much every metabolic training session you’ll feel your muscles burning. This is the lactic acid buildup in the muscles and blood, sometimes you might even get the ‘jelly legs!’

This might seem like a bad response but it’s an indication of an internal process of releasing a cocktail of hormones to build up those muscles to be stronger next time.

This combined with the highly effective fat burning can help you achieve a more lean, defined physique quicker than most other forms of training.

5.  Stronger Bones

Some anaerobic exercise (such as intense resistance training) can improve bone density and strength. This, in turn, reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

6.  Cardiovascular Improvements

Those who follow a metabolic fitness training workout often have a higher cardio capacity than those following an aerobic workout routine.

7.  Increases lactic threshold

By training frequently above your anaerobic threshold during Metabolic Conditioning sessions the body can increase its ability to handle lactic acid build up meaning less fatigue and tiredness during sessions thus one can train harder and longer

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