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John has called it the ‘bodybuilding’ pathway, however, its real name is ‘hypertrophy-based resistance training’:


1.   Hypertrophy - the increase and growth of muscle cells creating larger muscle size and resistance training

2.   Resistance training -  a form of physical activity that is designed to improve muscular fitness by exercising a muscle or a muscle group against external resistance


But to keep it simple it will be referred to as ‘bodybuilding’ training from now on, however, please don’t attach the negative stigma of monstrously sized medically enhanced men/women with this training pathway.


This pathway focuses on clean, natural bodybuilding with the goal of developing an aesthetically pleasing, balanced and sculpted physique whilst simultaneously reducing body fat to become a healthier, fitter and stronger person. Symmetric and balanced means not having small legs and a big chest, or a six pack but no back muscles, or large biceps but small triceps.


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Bodybuilding Benefits

The goal of this program is to reshape the body by building solid, quality muscle whilst loosing unwanted body fat in the process.  Hypertrophy style resistance training is the most efficient, optimal way to achieve reengineering of your physique and transform your shape.


In addition we strongly recommend if you have no experience with nutrition planning use a meal prep service provider in Phuket. John will provide details of local service providers of healthy meal prep companies before beginning the training program. In addition, John can recommend a supplements plan and what products to purchase.


John has developed three trialed and tested program templates, one for a novice level (less than 12 months experience bodybuilding) and two for intermediate level (12-24 months bodybuilding experience). The program options are either; four or five sessions per week, each lasting no longer than sixty minutes.


We will incorporate a range of training splits (a training split is how a weightlifting program divides training sessions either by; body regions, muscle groups or push/pull/legs) in order to mix up the frequency (how many times you train each muscle per week), and intensity (difficulty of an exercise and/or training session).


Consistency in exercise is key, however, this must not be confused with performing the same exercise routine month after month, year after year….


In bodybuilding you have to keep the muscles guessing to break through ‘plateaus and sticking points’ and build mass. As you grow in size so should your training routines, nutrition and supplement planning. Because as you progress you will experience more frustrating and stubborn plateaus!


The program will use a variety of isolation and compound exercises using free-weights, cable machines, plate loaded machine, resistant bands, and bodyweight exercises. The programs incorporate a variety of bodybuilding training techniques and principles because just doing ‘3 sets of 12’ with the same weight each week will get you nowhere fast!

1.    Sizable Muscle Growth – unlike Metabolic Training our core goal in this pathway is attaining muscle mass. We use isolation based exercises as well as compound exercises to achieve this.

2.    Strength increase – although the programs goal is not to increase strength it is a welcomed byproduct of the resistance training, especially as compound exercises will be incorporated into the training program.

3.    Creates a metabolic advantage – although you won’t experience the same metabolic threshold increase as the metabolic training’ pathway. You will notice a metabolic boost. Meaning you will burn more calories and shed more unwanted fat during workouts. (your metabolism is responsible  for converting foods into energy by  using the calories  in combination with oxygen to release the energy your body needs to function)

4.    More confident – if you look better you feel better! It might seem shallow but the massive confidence and self-esteem booster you gain from bodybuilding is unreal! Looking in the mirror and seeing a fantastic physique makes one feel confident and healthier and full of vitality.

5.    Improved Ageing – when you look at natural bodybuilders who train consistently in harmony with a healthy lifestyle they all share one thing in common. They look younger than they actually are! Arnold Schwarzenegger is now 73 and even after being  a politician, acting since 1969 and a professional bodybuilding throughout the 60’s and 70s he looks fantastic. Why because if you don’t use muscle tissue you lose it as you age. As you age muscle tissue starts to degenerate and favors more of fat accumulation for pure survival mechanism.

6.    Improved joint strength

7.    Stronger bone

8.    Better sleep

9.    Reduces stress, depression and anxiety creating a healthier mind

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