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FX Fitness was set up and established by Johnny Hazell in October 2018, the motivation and idea came from the frustration of training in gyms that were either overpriced, without A/C, filled with bells and whistles, or lacking friendly and welcoming customer service and clean equipment.


Johnnie's vision was to create a gym that offered affordable membership rates, equipped with everything needed to train all muscle groups, air conditioned rooms, and friendly to all offering fantastic customer service.


FX Fitness does not have a coffee shop, steam room, massage parlor, and caviar and champagne but FX was built on the premise that a gym is for exercising and lifting weights. FX staff always makes sure the gym is clean, well equipped, air conditioned and fairly priced for all to afford. We constantly strive to buy new equipment and expand our gym to be Rawai's best weightlifting gym for bodybuilding and Strength and Power training. 

Johnnie had been powerlifting and weightlifting for 17 years, having trained in gym's  all around the world he knew what was needed and NOT needed in commercial gyms. Armed with this experience Johnny setup FX Fitness and to this day continues to strive to provide a diverse range of weightlifting equipment  needed for bodybuilding and strength training. 

We hope you have a great experience and workout at FX Fitness and thank you for choosing us. 

Stay strong, stay safe and keep lifting, 

Johnny Hazell

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