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1) What is the quietest time at the gym?

From 7:15am-9:30am then 19:00-21:00 are the quieter times during the day. In addition, weekends are quieter than week days. 

2) Do you offer a free trainer with the membership purchases?

When you buy 6 months we offer a free one hour personal training session valued at 1,100 baht, if you 12 months we offer two free personal training sessions. 

3) Do your staff speak English?

Our daily staff do speak enough English to assist you with general inquires, in addition the Owner John is a British and able to answer any further more detailed questions.

4) Do you have changing rooms and showers?

Yes, we have male and female CLEAN changing rooms with shower facilities for our customers to use. 

5) Do you have Lockers?

Yes we have lockers, you can ask our staff for a locker key at reception. 

6) Do you have Air Conditioning?

Yes we have air conditioning in all fitness rooms, we try to keep it at a balanced temperature for all members to enjoy.  

7) Do you have towels and beverages available?

We have water beverages and energy drinks available and we rent towels to customers for a small fee. 

8) Do you accept card payments?

As of 2022 we don't accept credit or debit card payments; only cash. 

9) Do you have parking outside the gym?

Yes, right outside our gym are spaces for motorbikes or bicycles to park and for cars you can park outside the Black Pearl Bar next door to FX during the daytime. Alternatively the space just before Soi (alley) Werachod, or the RawaiCondoTel Soi or just outside the empty Convenient store building after our gym. Pictures are below:

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