Personal Training

Our FX trainer is none other than Jonny Hazell the co-owner/Manager and Lead Trainer for FX Fitness Gym.

Jonny’s approach is to focus on making a program that works for the client, personalizing and customizing to fit the client’s needs and training style.

“I don’t take a Drill Sargent approach to training my client’s with a ‘one-fit-all’ cookie cutter template. The first two sessions are about getting to learn and better understand the client, their personality, learning style, goals, desires, weaknesses and insecurities whilst I introduce them to exercises and training protocols i commonly use in my programs for clients.  . I can then design the perfect Personal Training program that ensures my client remains focused, motivated, enjoys our sessions, and gets the results they seek".

​Jonny can tailor the program to any specific goal or sport and has worked with Muay Thai fighters, Powerlifters, and Bodybuilders. He also specializes in programs for weight loss and slimming and toning.

For more information please contact us via social media, email or telephone and we can arrange an induction session free of charge to discuss your goals and timeline.







37/10-11 Wiset Road, Moo 2, 

Muang, Rawai, 83100.

Tel: +66 (0)84-054-4415

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  • fx fitness rawai gym