Personal Training

FX Fitness offer's our clients the option of two Personal Trainers for two different prices with differing skill sets. 

We will select the right trainer for your training goals, whether it be strength and power, conditioning, weight loss, mobility, rehabilitation or bodybuilding. 

To find out more about each trainer please contact us to book a consultation appointment whereby we will discuss pricing and more. 

Johnny Hazell

Johnny is the Owner, Manager and Powerlifting and Strength coach for FX Fitness. 

He is Thai Powerlifting Federation's Drug Free Winner for the 2022 105kg category and in the process of qualifying for the National Team. Johnny has been coaching clients for eight years, and powerlifting  full time for the past 10 years. 

He specializes in coaching individuals for strength training. Johnny will create a customized Strength training program built for your goals and current level. Whether for combat sports, Powerlifting, Strongman or Bodybuilding.

Johnny takes on only a select few clients due to his busy schedule and complete commitment and investment in his clients success. Focusing on quality over quantity. 


Sand is our Thai trainer who can speak both English and Thai. He is also an Assistant Coach at Tiger Muay Phuket. He specializes in training clients seeking to improve mobility, lose weight, create muscle definition and become a healthier and fitter person. He can train all levels from beginners to regular gym goers. 

Sand is an experience trainer, patient, very friendly and 100% invested in his clients and their success. He never judges his sessions by the 'clock' and is willing to go the 'extra mile' for his clients to ensure they reach their goals.