Personal Training

FX Fitness personal trainer is Johnny Hazell; he specializes in weightlifting coaching for Bodybuilding (muscle growth/hypertrophy) and strength training for Powerlifting. 

Johnny has been weightlifting for 17 years working with beginner to advanced level lifters. Johnny approaches his personal training with complete professionalism and dedicates himself fully to his clients.


He expects accountability from his clients because without complete dedication to training one cannot achieve set goals in Bodybuilding or Powerlifting.  Johnny has a patient approach to coaching, he engages and motivates his clients to be the best they can, develop unbreakable self-confidence and the burning desire to smash their goals and achieve greatness in the gym. 

From the big man himself:

"I consider myself to be a patient and highly motivating trainer - I commit myself fully to the client and expect the same level of commitment from clients. I focus heavily on proper technique and form when training. I educate the client on why we do everything we do and the importance of training smart and efficiently.


I ensure my programs are; engaging, customized to the client, structured, result driven and all goals set are S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timeframe based).


I love my job and weightlifting for me is a passion and my love in life! I derive great pleasure from sharing this passion with others and educating them about weightlifting. Seeing my clients become passionate about weightlifting and achieving great success during our program brings unmeasurable amounts of satisfaction and joy to me."

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