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  • fx fitness rawai gym

Personal Training

Personal Training with FX Fitness

FX trainer John will design a customised program for you and your goals, monitoring your results along the way and ensuring each session takes you closer to success.

Private training has proven time and time again to produce results for FX clients, the additional support, education, compliance, motivation and accountability helps clients reach goals!

Part of John’s framework when working with clients is to help them find the ‘state of mind’ in order to approach training with; determination, positivity and a sense of self-belief.

Fitness is physical, but without the right mentality it’s just going through the motions with no real end in sight. Whether you are just beginning, or a seasoned athlete, John will help you reach your goals.

Goal setting is a very important part of the Personal Training process. Therefore from day one he works with clients to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, target) goals. This helps clients to keep focused, avoid becoming demotivated, and maintains accountability.

Education is a big part of the personal training system, we focus in the early days on technique and form to avoid injuries. In addition help clients to understand that basic theory behind the purpose of what we are doing during training. 

The training style will vary based on client goals, no one person trains the same as we are all individuals and unique.  However, John always makes sure it remains engaging, varied, and efficient and effective. He follows the theory that the body and mind needs variation and a change of routine when training in order to reach your goals.

The body becomes accustomed to the ‘same old same old’ routine and results will start to noticeably stall. You will hit a wall and results will diminish, and this is what leads to people giving up, programs becoming ineffective, and loss of motivation and interest.

Finally, accountability is key to Johns training process, he will empower you and train you to learn the processes needed to take control of your fitness and health. Because you are at the end of the day the key to your own success.

What you do outside of the personal training from your lifestyle choices, attitude towards fitness, additional training, and work-life balance will determine the success of personal training.